SS-63, U.S.S. O-2

Launched at Puget Sound Navy Yard on 24 May 1918, and commissioned on 19 October, SS-63 U.S.S. O-2 spent the rest of World War I patrolling off the New England coast. (Presumably a very short patrol, considering there were only three and a half weeks left in the war, and the need to get from Bremerton, …

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O Class

O Class Submarine Stats Lead Boat: SS-62, U.S.S. O-1 Length: 172′ 4″ Beam: 18′ Draft: 14″ 5″ (Surface trim) Displacement: 520 tons (surfaced); 629 tons (submerged) Speed: 14 knots (surfaced); 10.5 knots (submerged) Diving Depth: 200′ (test depth) Crew: 2 officers, 27 enlisted Deck Gun: 1-3″/23 Anti-Aircraft Weapons: Machine guns Torpedoes: 4-18″ torpedo tube (bow), …

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Country: Israel Alternate Name: Popeye-1 Have Nap Class: ALCM Target: Land Length: 4.82 m Diameter: 0.53 m Wingspan: 1.57 m Launch Weight: 1360.00 kg Payload: 350 kg HE, fragmentation Propulsion: Solid Range: 80.00 km Guidance: TV Status: Operational In Service: 1990-present Associated Country: United States Exported: Australia, Turkey, South Korea, Greece Details The AGM-142 Popeye-1 is a short-range, television or …

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