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During World War 2, the Balao class of diesel-electric submarine used for attack missions.  There were 120 completed and were involved with a total of 10 patrols from July 1943 to August 1945.  The Balao Class Submarines were superior to the previous generation Gato class submarine, both of which were the primary ships used by the United States Navy in WW2.  The Balao class subs were able to dive deeper due to a thicker and stronger steel in the hull.

Lead Boat: SS-385, USS Balao
Length: 312′
Beam: 27′
Draft: 17′ (Surface trim)
Displacement: 1,800 tons (surfaced); 2,400 tons (submerged)
Speed: 20-1/4 knots (surfaced); 8-3/4 knots (submerged)
Diving Depth: 400′ (test depth); 600′ (emergency)
Range: 20,000 miles
Endurance: 75 days
Crew: 10 (officers); 70 (enlisted)
Deck Gun: 1 3″/50-calibre, or 1 4″/50-calibre, or 1 5″/25-caliber
Anti-Aircraft Weapons: 1 or 2-20mm Oerlikons, or 2-40mm Bofors, or 1-20mm and 1-40mm
Light Weaponry: 6-mounting points for 30-caliber, 50-caliber, or combination
Torpedoes: 10-21″ torpedo tubes (6 bow, 4 stern); 24 Mark-14 torpedoes; Mark III Torpedo Data Computer
Engines: 4 GM-Winton V-16, or 4 Fairbanks-Morse 9 or 10-cylinder opposed-piston diesel/generator sets.
Motors: 4 DC high-speed electric motors, reduction gear drive, two per shaft, or 4 variable speed DC direct drive motors
Radar: Short range SD air detection radar; SJ surface search radar; ST periscope radar
Sonar: JP hydrophone, upper deck; JK/QC, QB Sonar under bow
Wartime Modifications: Enhanced electronics suites, radar, sonar.


Hull NumberNameCommission DateFateClass
SS-285Balao1943Target 1963, fairwater at Navy Memorial, Washington, DCBalao-Class
SS-286Billfish1943Scrapped 1971Balao-Class
SS-287Bowfin1943Museum, HonoluluBalao-Class
SS-288Cabrilla1943Scrapped 1972Balao-Class
SS-289Capelin1943Lost December 1943Balao-Class
SS-290Cisco1943Lost September 1943Balao-Class
SS-291Crevalle1043Scrapped 1971Balao-Class
SS-292Devilfish1944Scrapped 1968Balao-Class
SS-293Dragonet1944Sunk as target 1961Balao-Class
SS-294Escolar1944Lost October 1944Balao-Class
SS-295Hackleback1944Scrapped 1968Balao-Class
SS-298Lionfish1944Museum, Fall River, MABalao-Class
SS-299Manta1944Sunk as target 1969Balao-Class
SS-300Moray1945Scrapped 1970Balao-Class
SS-304Seahorse1943Scrapped 1971Balao-Class
SS-305Skate1943Sunk as target 1948Balao-Class
SS-306Tang1943Lost October 1944Balao-Class
SS-307Tilefish1943Venezuela 1960 as CariteBalao-Class
SS-308Apogon1943Sunk at Bikini bomb test 1948Balao-Class
SS-309Aspro1943Sunk as target November 16, 1962Balao-Class
SS-310Baitfish1943Museum, Muskogee, OKBalao-Class
SS-311Archer-Fish1943Sunk as target 1968Balao-Class
SS-312Burrfish1943Sunk as target 1968Balao-Class
SS-313Perch (2)1944Scrapped 1973Balao-Class
SS-314Shark (2)1944Lost October 24, 1944Balao-Class
SS-315Sealion (2)1944Sunk as target 1978Balao-Class
SS-316Barbel1944Lost February 1945Balao-Class
SS-317Barbero1944Sunk as target 1964Balao-Class
SS-318Baya1944Scrapped 1973Balao-Class
SS-319Becuna1944Museum, PhiladelphiaBalao-Class
SS-320Bergall1944Turkey 1958Balao-Class
SS-321Besugo1944Scrapped 1977Balao-Class
SS-322Blackfin1944Sunk as target 1972Balao-Class
SS-323Caiman1944Turkey 1972Balao-Class
SS-324Blenny1944Sunk as target 1973Balao-Class
SS-325Blower1944Turkey 1953Balao-Class
SS-326Blueback1944Turkey 1953Balao-Class
SS-327Boarfish1944Turkey 1953, sold 1974Balao-Class
SS-328Charr1944Scrapped 1972Balao-Class
SS-329Chub1944Turkey 1948, scrapped 1974Balao-Class
SS-330Brill1944Turkey 1948Balao-Class
SS-331Bugara1944Lost under tow 1971Balao-Class
SS-332Bullhead1944Lost August 1945Balao-Class
SS-333Bumper1944Turkey 1950Balao-Class
SS-334Cabezon1944Scrapped 1971Balao-Class
SS-335Dentuda1944Scrapped 1969Balao-Class
SS-336Capitaine1945Italy 1977Balao-Class
SS-337Carbonero1945Sunk as target 1975Balao-Class
SS-338Carp1945Scrapped 1973Balao-Class
SS-339Catfish1945Argentina 1971, lost 1982Balao-Class
SS-342Chopper1945Sunk 1976Balao-Class
SS-361Golet1943Lost October 1944Balao-Class
SS-362Guavina1943Sunk as target 1967Balao-Class
SS-363Guitaro1944Turkey 1972Balao-Class
SS-364Hammerhead1944Turkey 1972Balao-Class
SS-365Hardhead1944Greece 1972Balao-Class
SS-366Hawkbill1944Netherlands 1970Balao-Class
SS-367Icefish1944Netherlands 1971Balao-Class
SS-368Jallao1944Spain 1974Balao-Class
SS-369Kete1944Lost March 1945Balao-Class
SS-370Kraken1944Spain 1974Balao-Class
SS-371Lagarto1944Lost May 1945Balao-Class
SS-372Lamprey1944Argentina 1971Balao-Class
SS-373Lizardfish1944Italy 1979Balao-Class
SS-374Loggerhead1945Scrapped 1969Balao-Class
SS-375Macabi1945Argentina 1971Balao-Class
SS-381Sand Lance1943Brazil 1972Balao-Class
SS-382Picuda1943Scrapped 1974Balao-Class
SS-383Pampanito1943Museum, San Francisco, CABalao-Class
SS-384Parche1943Scrapped 1970Balao-Class
SS-385Bang1943Spain, 1974, renamed Cosme GarciaBalao-Class
SS-386Pilotfish1943Sunk as target 1948Balao-Class
SS-387Pintado1944Scrapped 1969Balao-Class
SS-388Pipefish1944Scrapped 1969Balao-Class
SS-389Piranha1944Scrapped 1970Balao-Class
SS-390Plaice1944Brazil, memorial SantosBalao-Class
SS-391Pomfret1944Turkey 1973Balao-Class
SS-392Sterlet1944Sunk as target 1969Balao-Class
SS-393Queenfish1944Sunk as target 1963Balao-Class
SS-394Razorback1944Turkey 1970: Museum N. Little Rock, AR 2004Balao-Class
SS-395Redfish1944Sunk as target 1969Balao-Class
SS-396Ronquil1944Spain 1971Balao-Class
SS-397Scabardfish1944Greece 1965, sold 1976Balao-Class
SS-398Segundo1944Sunk as target 1970Balao-Class
SS-399Sea Cat1944Scrapped 1973Balao-Class
SS-400Sea Devil1944Sunk as target 1964Balao-Class
SS-401Sea Dog1944Sunk as target 1973Balao-Class
SS-402Sea Fox1944Turkey 1970Balao-Class
SS-403Atule1944Lost in collision 1990, raised for partsBalao-Class
SS-404Spikefish1944Sunk as target 1964Balao-Class
SS-405Sea Owl1944Scrapped 1971Balao-Class
SS-406Sea Poacher1944Peru 1974Balao-Class
SS-407Sea Robin1944Scrapped 1971Balao-Class
SS-408Sennet1944Scrapped 1973Balao-Class
SS-409Piper1944Scrapped 1971Balao-Class
SS-410Threadfin1944Turkey 1973Balao-Class
SS-411Spadefish1944Scrapped 1969Balao-Class
SS-412Trepang1944Sunk as target 1969Balao-Class
SS-414Springer1944Scrapped 1972Balao-Class
SS-415Stickleback 1945Lost 1958, rammedBalao-Class