SS-169, U.S.S. Dolphin

The SS-169, U.S.S. Dolphin was the sixth U.S. Navy vessel to bear that name. She was launched at the Porsmouth Navy Yard on 6 March 1932, sponsored by Mrs. E.D. Toland. Lieutenant J.B. Griggs placed her in commission on 1 June 1932. Sailing from Porstmouth on 24 October 1932, Dolphin arrived in San Diego on …

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Dolphin Class Specifications Lead Boat: SS-169, U.S.S. Dolphin (Only boat in class) Length: 319′ 3″ Beam: 27′ 11″ Draft: 13′ (Surface trim) Displacement: 1,718 tons (surfaced); 2,240 tons (submerged) Speed: 17 knots (surfaced); 8 knots (submerged) Diving Depth: 300′ (test depth) Range:18,780 miles Crew: 7 officers, 3 CPO, 53 enlisted Deck Gun: 1-4″/50-caliber Torpedoes: 4-21″ …

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