SS-214, U.S.S. Grouper

History for the SS-214, U.S.S. Grouper   Patrols No: Captain: From: Date: Duration: Score (WT): JANAC Return: Midway Claren E. Duke Pearl Harbor 5/42 15 0/0 0/0 Pearl Harbor 1 Claren E. Duke Pearl Harbor 6/42 56 0/0 0/0 Pearl Harbor 2 Rob Roy McGregor Pearl Harbor 8/42 53 2/12,000 2/11,000 Pearl Harbor 3 Rob Roy …

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SS-213, U.S.S. Greenling

On May 4, 1942 the Greenling sank the Japanese armed merchant cruiser Kinjosan Maru and just over one month later on the 5th of August, she sank Japanese troopship Brasil Maru and freighter Palau Maru 450 miles southwest of Guam, Mariana Islands. History for the SS-213, U.S.S. Greenling   Patrols No: Captain: From: Date: Duration: Score (WT): …

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Lead Boat: SS-212, U.S.S. Gato Length: 312′ Beam: 27′ Draft: 17′ (Surface trim) Displacement: 1,800 tons (surfaced); 2,400 tons (submerged) Speed: 20-1/4 knots (surfaced); 8-3/4 knots (submerged) Diving Depth: 300′ (test depth); 450′ (emergency) Range: 20,000 miles Endurance: 75 days Crew: 6-10 (officers); 60-70 (enlisted) Crew size increased as war progressed. Deck Gun: 1 3″/50-calibre, …

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