SS-168, U.S.S. Nautilus

After commissioning, submarine V-6 conducted special submergence tests near New London, Connecticut, United States until Mar 1931. Submarine V-6 was renamed Nautilus on 19 Feb 1931 and given new designation SS-168 on 1 Jul 1931. In late 1932, she arrived at Pearl Harbor and became the flagship of Submarine Division 12. Between 1935 and 1938, …

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SS-167, U.S.S. Narwhal

Launched at Portsmouth Navy Yard on 17 December 1929, Narwhal (originally designated V-5 and given the number SC-1) was commissioned on 15 May 1930, under the command of Lieutenant Commander John H. Brown, Jr.. An American incarnation of the World War I German “cruiser submarine” concept, Narwhal, along with her sister, Nautilus, was a huge …

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Narwhal Class Specifications Lead Boat: SS-167, U.S.S. Narwhal Length: 371′ Beam: 33′ 3″ Draft: 16′ 11″ (Surface trim) Displacement: 2,730 tons (surfaced); 3,960 tons (submerged) Speed: 17 knots (surfaced); 8-1/2 knots (submerged) Diving Depth: 300′ (test depth) Range: 25,000 miles Crew: 9 officers, 10 CPO, 70 enlisted Deck Gun: 2-6″/53-caliber Torpedoes: 4-21″ torpedo tubes (bow), …

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