SS-64, U.S.S. O-3

Launched at the Fore River Shipbuilding Company in Quincy, MA on 27 September 1917, O-3 was commissioned on 13 June 1918. She became a part of the Atlantic coastal patrol, on anti-U-boat duty along the Atlantic coast. She was scheduled to go to Europe in November 1918, but the war ended before the crossing was … Read more

SS-63, U.S.S. O-2

Launched at Puget Sound Navy Yard on 24 May 1918, and commissioned on 19 October, SS-63 U.S.S. O-2 spent the rest of World War I patrolling off the New England coast. (Presumably a very short patrol, considering there were only three and a half weeks left in the war, and the need to get from Bremerton, … Read more