SS-80, U.S.S. R-3

R-3 was launched 18 January 1919 at Fore River Shipbuilding Company and commissioned 17 April 1919, with Lieutenant Commander Allen H. Guthrie serving as her first commanding officer. Her initial assignment was with SubDiv 9, at New London, with a winter deployment in the Gulf of Mexico. Transferring to San Pedro, CA in 1920, she … Read more

SS-79, U.S.S. R-2

Launched at the Fore River Shipbuilding Company on 23 September 1918, R-2 was commissioned at Boston on 24 January 1919, with Lieutenant Commander Charles M. Cooke, Jr. in command. Following trials, R-2 was assigned to New London, joining SubDiv 9. She was transferred to the Pacific in 1921. In 1923 she joined SubDiv 9, Pacific … Read more

SS-78, U.S.S. R-1

The lead boat in its class, the SS-78, U.S.S. R-1 was launched on 24 August 1918 at the Fore River Shipbuilding Company, Quincy, MA, and commissioned 16 December 1918 at Boston. Her first commanding officer was CDR Conant Taylor. Following a shakedown cruise in New England waters, R-1 joined SubDiv 9, Atlantic Fleet, based at New … Read more


R-Class Specifications Lead Boat: SS-78, U.S.S. R-1 Length: 186′ Beam: 18′ Draft: 15′ 6″ (Surface trim) Displacement: 574 tons (surfaced); 685 tons (submerged) Speed: 12.5 knots (surfaced); 9.3 knots (submerged) Diving Depth: 200′ (test depth) Range: 4,700 miles @ 6.2 knots Crew: 4 officers; 3 CPO; 26 enlisted Deck Gun: 1-3″/50-caliber Anti-Aircraft Weapons: Machine guns … Read more