S-28 Crew at Time of Loss

U.S.S. S-28 (SS-133) was lost during a training exercise on 4 July 1944. At the time of her loss, she was under the command of Lieutenant Commander J.G. Campbell. S-28 was Campbell’s first command. She was lost off Pearl Harbor, at 21°-20′ N., 158°-23′ W., in 1,400 fathoms (8,400 feet) of water, precluding any possibility …

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Country: Israel Alternate Name: Popeye-1 Have Nap Class: ALCM Target: Land Length: 4.82 m Diameter: 0.53 m Wingspan: 1.57 m Launch Weight: 1360.00 kg Payload: 350 kg HE, fragmentation Propulsion: Solid Range: 80.00 km Guidance: TV Status: Operational In Service: 1990-present Associated Country: United States Exported: Australia, Turkey, South Korea, Greece Details The AGM-142 Popeye-1 is a short-range, television or …

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