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Lead Boat: SS-105, U.S.S. S-1
Length: 219′
Beam: 20-3/4′
Draft: 16′ (Surface trim)
Displacement: 800 – 1,180 tons (surfaced); 1,062 – 1,460 tons (submerged)
Speed: 14.5 knots (surfaced); 11 knots (submerged)
Diving Depth: 200′ (test depth)
Range: 3,420 – 5500 miles
Crew: 4 officers, 34 – 39 enlisted
Deck Gun: 1-3″/50-calibre; 1-4″/50 calibre; or 1-5″/51 calibre
Anti-Aircraft Weapons: Machine guns, .30 caliber Browning or Lewis
Torpedoes: 4-21″ torpedo tubes; 12 – 16 Mark-10 torpedoes; no TDC
Engines: 2 diesel, direct drive
Motors: 2 DC motor/generators
Radar: SD, SJ fitted to active boats when available
Sonar: Hydrophones only


Hull NumberNameCommission DateFateClass
SS-105S-11920To UK 1942, Scrapped 1945S-Class
SS-116S-111923Scrapped 1945S-Class
SS-117S-121923Scrapped 1945S-Class
SS-118S-131923Scrapped 1945S-Class
SS-119S-141921Scrapped 1945S-Class
SS-120S-151921Scrapped 1946S-Class
SS-121S-161920Sunk as target 1945S-Class
SS-122S-171921Sunk as target 1945S-Class
SS-123S-181924Scrapped 1946S-Class
SS-125S-201922Scrapped 1946S-Class
SS-126S-211923Sunk as target 1945S-Class
SS-127S-221924Scrapped 1945S-Class
SS-128S-231923Scrapped 1946S-Class
SS-129S-241923Scuttled 1947S-Class
ss-130S-251923To UK, Poland 1941, lost May 1942S-Class
SS-131S-261923Lost January 1942S-Class
SS-132S-271924Lost June 1942S-Class
SS-133S-281923Lost June 1944S-Class
SS-134S-291924Sold 1947, Scrapped 1987S-Class
SS-135S-301920Scrapped 1946S-Class
SS-136S-311923Scrapped 1946S-Class
SS-137S-321923Scrapped 1946S-Class
SS-138S-331922Scrapped 1946S-Class
SS-139S-341923Scrapped 1946S-Class
SS-140S-351923Sunk as target 1946S-Class
SS-141S-361923Lost January 1942S-Class
SS-142S-371923Scrapped 1946S-Class
SS-143S-381923Scrapped 1945S-Class
SS-144S-391923Lost August 1942S-Class
SS-145S-401923Scrapped 1946S-Class
SS-146S-411924Scrapped 1946S-Class
SS-153S-421924Scrapped 1946S-Class
SS-154S-431925Scrapped 1946S-Class
SS-155S-441925Lost October 1943S-Class
SS-156S-451925Scrapped 1946S-Class
SS-157S-461925Scrapped 1946S-Class
SS-158S-471925Scrapped 1946S-Class
SS-159S-481922Scrapped 1946S-Class