Laid down on 2 December 1919 at the Portsmouth Navy Yard, S-11 was launched on 7 February 1921, sponsored by Miss Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, the only daughter of former Assistant Navy Secretary and future President Franklin Roosevelt. She was commissioned on 11 January 1923, under the command of Lieutenant Wilder. D. Baker.

Based in New London, S-11 spent part of 1923 at Quantanamo Bay, Cuba, as well as visiting St. Thomas, Trinidad, and Coco Solo during 1924. She visited Hawaii during April and May 1925, and returned to New London in July.

From April 1926 S-11 operated out of the Panama Canal Zone, with a visit to Jamaica in March 1927. After departing Coco Solo on 13 June 1936, S-11 arrived in Philadelphia on 22 June, where she was decommissioned on 30 September 1936.

Recommissioned on 6 September 1940, S-11 spent time at New London, Philadelphia, Bermuda, and St. Thomas during 1941 before arriving at Coco Solo, on the Atlanta end of the Panama Canal, on 5 October 1941. She remained there until June 1943, making a total of six brief war patrols, with no enemy ships sighted or attacked.

From June 1943 until February 1944, S-11 was stationed at Trinidad. Sent back to the Canal Zone for overhaul, she sailed for Trinidad, via Aruba, in July 1944, operating from there until October. Transferred to Guantanamo, she remained in Cuba until January 1945.

S-11 once again returned to the Canal Zone following her service in Cuba, then departed for New London on 8 February 1945, arriving on the 24th. On 28 March S-11 was at Philadelphia, where she was decommissioned on 2 May and stricken from the Navy List. She was sold for scrap in October 1945.


Launched: 2/7/1921

Builder: Portsmouth

Sponsor: Miss Anna E. Roosevelt

Commissioned: 2/11/1923

First Captain: LT Wilder D. Baker

Stricken/Lost: Scrapped 1945