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Wartime needs resulted in S-28 being sent to the Aleutians, where she completed five war patrols, operating out of Dutch Harbor. In 1943 she was sent to Esquimalt, BC, where she worked with the RCN in anti-submarine training exercises. Following this, she was sent to Puget Sound Navy Yard for refit.

Following this refit, S-28 made two more patrols out of Dutch Harbor, sinking the Japanese gunboat Katsura Maru Number 2 on the second.

S-28 proceded to Pearl Harbor in November 1943, where she underwent yet another refit. She then remained in Hawaii, where she again participated in training exercises.

On 4 July 1944, S-28 was lost with all hands during a training exercise with U.S.C.G.C. Reliance. Sound contact was lost at 1820 on that date and never regained. The Court of Inquiry returned the opinion that S-28 lost depth control “from either a material casualty or an operating error of personnel, or both, and that depth control was never regained. The exact cause of the losss of S-28 cannot be determined.” The court found, further, that “the material condition of S-28 was as good or better than that of other ships of her class performing similar duty,” and that, “the officers and crew on board S-28 at the time of her loss were competent to operate the ship submerged in the performance of her assigned duties.” The Court also stated that the loss of S-28 was not caused by negligence or inefficiency of any person or persons.

S-28 Crew at Time of Loss

U.S.S. S-28 (SS-133) was lost during a training exercise on 4 July 1944. At the time of her loss, she was under the command of Lieutenant Commander J.G. Campbell. S-28 was Campbell’s first command. She was lost off Pearl Harbor, at 21°-20′ N., 158°-23′ W., in 1,400 fathoms (8,400 feet) of water, precluding any possibility of salvage operations. There were no survivors.

Appling, James I., BM2
Bennett, James K., Jr., GM3
Bolton, Levi, StM1
Brown, Hugh D, MoMM2
Brown, John F., S2
Bullard, Howard M, TM2
Buzek, Rudolph F., EM3
Campbell, Jack G., LCDR (Commanding Officer)
Chapman, Arthur G., MoMM3
Covington, Claude W., LT(JG)
Cox, Gene A., EM3
Durant, John F., F2
Durkee, Donald A., F2
Gresswell, John, Jr., MoMM3
Haney, John R., MoMM1
Harsma, R.F., ENS
Hester, H.L., ENS
Highfill, Leonard E., S2
Hizer, Norbert J.W., MoMM1
Johnson, Neal K., MoMM3
Keirn, Keith, MoMM2
Kunkel, A.J., Jr., S1
Likevich, Steve, Jr., PhM1
Madsen, Robert, ENS
McMillan, Marvin R, RM3
McNeela, Robert T., RT3
Moffitt, Chester M, SM1
Morrison, Edward J., F1
Nelson, Charles E., LT(JG)
Peet, George V, MoMM2
Purcell, John F., EM1
Runnels, George R, TM3
Salerno, Joseph J., EM3
Schreier, Earle C., MoMM2
Smith, Frank S., SC2
Spurlock, Jake, Ck2
Weis, Walter J., MoMM1
Whitted, Walter T., MoMM2
Wolf, Alexander W., RM3
Wurtz, Kenneth A., F1

In addition to the regular crew, the following personnel were also aboard S-28 when she was lost.

Anderson, E.F., F2
Connell, J.L., F1
Gardner, E.W., QM3
Garza, J.D., MoMM2
Gerbensky, C.H., MoMM3
McGuinness, J.F., PhM2
Nottage, W., GM3
Ouderkirk, D.M, MoMM3
Spradley, J.W., S2
Vaughan, E., S1


Launched: 9/20/22

Builder: Bethlehem

Sponsor: Mrs. W.R. Monroe

Commissioned: 12/13/23

First Captain: Lt. Kemp C. Christian

Stricken/Lost: 7/4/44