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Beck, Billy M., S1
Biller, Tobias R., S1
Brown, Francis E., LCDR (Commanding Officer)
Butters, Leo E., CSC
Calvert, Charles F., MoMM2
Carrier, Patrick A., EM3
Cleverdon, Tom, CphM
Cooper, Thomas O, S2
Cutright, Paul P., MoMM1
Dillow, William, CMoMM
Duva, Ernest A., CTM (survivor)
Ellis, William H., EM3
Erhart, William E., S1
Fees, Rhollo R., MoMM1
Ferrell, Earl D., Y2
Gander, David E., F1
George, Frank, F1
Giles, Fred, Jr., F1
Gillen, Frederick E., Jr., S2
Glenn, Curtis, Ck2
Godfrey, Edward W., MoMM2
Goodin, Tommie L., F3
Green, Junior L., F3
Harasimowicz, Anthony, CEM
Howard, Holly J., MoMM2
Hugyo, Nicholas A., MoMM1
Jaworski, Philip J., GM2
Johnston, Clidie N., MoMM2
Klink, Lyle N., MoMM2
Miller, Arthur L., CMoMM
Mitchell, Herman M., StM2
Morris, William I, TM3
Moss, Clarence E., GM1
Nash, Benjamin M., ENS
Parr, Thomas S., Jr.,SM2
Queen, F.K., LT(JG)
Queen, Billy M., SC2
Quinn, Robert G., LT (Executive Officer)
Rauch, Eugene M., EM3
Rodgers, Russell G., MoMM2
Rodin, Lloyd J., S2
Rosenberg, Harry, RM3
Rubits, John V., MoMM2
Sloan, James H., Jr., F1
Smith, Arthur E., TM3
Smith, Charles W., EM1
Smith, George F., CSM
Stephens, John R., RM1
Stephenson, James T., Jr., LT(JG)
Stromsoe, Harold A., CTM
Thompson, Dale R., MoMM2
Turner, Frank A., Jr., QM3
Velebny, Joe A., TM1
Warburton, Robert L., S1
Wester, George S., S1
Whitemore, William F., RM3 (survivor)
Wood, John C., F1
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