Named V-1 (SF-4) at her launching on 17 July 1924 at the Portsmouth Navy Yard, the future SS-163 Barracuda submarine was commissioned on 1 October 1924. At the time of her commissioning, V-1 was only partly completed, making her first cruise surfaced to test her engines before returning to Portsmouth to complete fitting out.

On 9 March 1931 she was redesignated SS-163 and named Barracuda. She served in the Pacific and Caribbean in the 1930s, before being laid up in Philadelphia on 14 May 1937.

Recommissioned at Portsmouth on 5 September 1940, she was assigned to Submarine Division 9. After a cruise to Bermuda in 1941, she was reassigned to SubDiv 71. Sent to the Pacific in November, she returned to the Atlantic fleet in December, where she remained until sent back to the Pacific in September 1942.

Barracuda made six Pacific war patrols southwest of Panama, without coming into contact with the enemy. In September 1942, she returned to the Atlantic. Following a refit at Philadelphia, she was based in New London for the remainder of the war. She was decommissioned on 3 March 1945 and sold on 16 November 1945.


Launched: 7/17/24

Builder: Portsmouth Navy Yard

Sponsor: Mrs. C.W. Snyder

Commissioned: 10/1/24

First Captain: LCDR S. Picking

Stricken/Lost: 11/16/45