The third the bear the name, U.S.S. Bonita, then named V-3, was launched at Portsmouth Navy Yard on 9 June 1925. She was placed in commission by Lieutenant Commander Charles A. Lockwood on 22 May 1926. Lockwood, who would become ComSubPac in February 1943, would go on to a far more distinguished wartime career than Bonita.

V-3 was assigned to SubDiv 20, operating off the United States east coast and in the Caribbean until November 1927, at which time the divison was transferred to the Pacific. On 9 March 1931 she was renamed Bonita. On 1 July of the same year her number was changed from SF-6 to SS-165.

Following additional service with SubDiv 20 and 12, Bonita was sent to the Philadelphia Navy Yard on 18 February 1937, where she was taken out of commission and placed in reserve on 4 June.

Bonita was recommissioned on 5 September 1940 at New London, departing for Coco Solo on 17 November. Once the war began, she conducted patrols on the Pacific end of the Panama Canal until October 1942, when she returned to Philadelphia for overhaul. She patrolled off the Maine coast until mid-1943. At that time, she was transfered to New London, where she would be used for training until February 1945.

Sent to the Philadelphia Navy Yard in mid-February 1945, Bonita was decommissioned on 3 March and sold for scrap on 28 October.


Launched: 6/9/25

Builder: Portsmouth

Sponsor: Mrs. L.R. DeSteiguer

Commissioned: 5/22/26

First Captain: LCDR Charles A. Lockwood

Stricken/Lost: Scrapped 1945