Launched:Builder:Sponsor:Commissioned:First Captain:Stricken/Lost:
 1937Scrapped 1958


No:Captain:From:Date:Duration:Score (WT):JANACReturn:
1Adrian M. HurstManila12/41990/00/0Manila
2Adrian M. HurstManila12/4160/00/0Manila
3Adrian M. HurstManila12/41380/00/0Java
4Wreford G. ChappleJava2/42440/00/0Fremantle
5Wreford G. ChappleFremantle5/42380/00/0Fremantle
6Wreford G. ChappleFremantle7/42500/00/0Pearl Harbor
7Wreford G. ChapplePearl Harbor2/43382/10,3001/2,700Pearl Harbor
8Wreford G. ChapplePearl Harbor4/43492/15,0000/0Pearl Harbor
9Wreford G. ChapplePearl Harbor6/43373/16,1002/3,000Pearl Harbor
10Carter L. BennettPearl Harbor8/43323/27,7000/0Pearl Harbor
11Carter L. BennettPearl Harbor1/44740/00/0Pearl Harbor
12Donald A. SchererPearl Harbor4/44421/2,2000/0Pearl Harbor
13Donald A. SchererPearl Harbor6/44451/8000/0Brisbane
14Donald A. SchererBrisbane9/44501/5000/0Pearl Harbor



The SS-178 Permit submarine was commissioned into service in 1937. In Oct 1939, she joined the US Asiatic Fleet in the Philippine Islands when the US entered the war.  The first four war patrols took place in the Philippine Islands, during which the Permit brought in supplies for the ground troops and evacuated Admiral Thomas Hart’s staff in late Dec 1941 and 36 US Navy cryptanalysts in Mar 1942. In mid-1943, she made a very successful patrol penetrating the Sea of Japan.  While the sinkings were not significant in terms of tonnage, they were helpful in terms of lifting morale, especially after her lack of sinkings until this time.   The Permit would go on to conduct a total of 14 war patrols during the Pacific War until being decommissioned in late 1945 and sold for scrap in 1958.