Launched:Builder:Sponsor:Commissioned:First Captain:Stricken/Lost:
1938Target 1948
No:Captain:From:Date:Duration:Score (WT):JANACReturn:
1Charles L. FreemanManila12/41360/00/0Darwin
2Charles L. FreemanDarwin1/42400/00/0Fremantle
3James W. CoeFremantle4/42504/28,3003/12,800Fremantle
4James W. CoeFremantle7/42490/00/0Fremantle
5James W. CoeFremantle9/42601/7,0001/6,800Pearl Harbor
6Howard F. StonerPearl Harbor4/43450/00/0Pearl Harbor
7Howard F. StonerPearl Harbor7/43490/00/0Pearl Harbor
8George G. MolumphyPearl Harbor9/43430/00/0Pearl Harbor
9George G. MolumphyPearl Harbor1/44572/8,4002/8,200Pearl Harbor
10Richard S. AndrewsPearl Harbor10/44490/00/0Pearl Harbor


The SS-184 USS Skipjack participated in fleet maneuvers in the Caribbean Sea and in the South Atlantic in 1939 and in December 1941 when the Pacific War started, she was at Cavite Naval Shipyard in the Philippine Islands.  The Skipjack’s first war patrol out of the Philippine Islands saw the launching of two attacks during the patrol with no confirmed sinkings. Subsequent patrols resulted in sinking and damaging several Japanese ships with the most successful being the January 26, 1944 attack on a Japanese convoy, sinking the Suzukaze.  She was sunk on 25 Jul 1946 at Bikini Atoll during the second atomic detonation of Operation Crossroads.