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Launched: Builder: Sponsor: Commissioned: First Captain: Stricken/Lost:
4/1/39 Mare Island NY Mrs C.C. Bloch 7/22/39 LT Chester C. Smith 1/45
No: Captain: From: Date: Duration: Score (WT): JANAC Return:
1 Chester C. Smith Manila  12/8/41 19 4/31,700 1/8,662 Surbaya
2 Chester C. Smith Surabaya 1/16/42 52 4/20,000 1/4,125 Fremantle
3 Chester C. Smith Fremantle 4/1/42 31 0/0 0/0 Fremantle
4 Chester C. Smith Fremantle 5/15/42 50 2/11,900 2/6,500 Fremantle
5 Albert C. Burrows Fremantle 7/42 55 0/0 0/0 Fremantle
6 Chester C. Smith Brisbane 10/42 50 1/4,400 0/0 Brisbane
7 Jack H. Lewis Brisbane 1/43 46 1/4,200 1/4,200 Pearl Harbor
8 Frank M. Parker Pearl Harbor 7/43 57 1/7,000 2/6,000 Pearl Harbor
9 Frank L. Barrows Pearl Harbor 10/43 42 0/0 0/0 Pearl Harbor
10 Karl G. Hensel Pearl Harbor 12/43 40 2/15,200 3/12,543 Pearl Harbor
11 Keats E. Montrose Pearl Harbor 3/44 46 0/0 0/0 Pearl Harbor
12 Keats E. Montrose Pearl Harbor 5/44 49 2/7,000 2/5,100 Pearl Harbor
13 Keats E. Montrose Pearl Harbor 12/44 0/0 0/0 Lost 1/12(?)/45


The SS-193 Swordfish left Pearl Harbor on 22 December 1944, on her 13th patrol to conduct photographic recon to prepare for the Okinawa Campaign.  On January 9th, 1945 she was directed to Okinawa and while the exact cause of the sinking is unknown, it is believed she was sunk by depth charges before beginning the mission.

Crew lost on the USS Swordfish

Arthur Abrahamson
Richard Winters Andes*
Roy Gordon Arold
Donald Baeckler
Gilbert Speight Baker
Joseph James Basta
Mack Bates
Daniel Sparks Baughman, Jr.
Claude Joseph Benbennick
Michael Billy
Joseph Roger Leo Blanchard
LeRoy Joseph Bleasdell
Wesley Clement Bogdan
Andrew Earl Braley
Robert Joseph Brown
Fred Morcombe Cauley, Jr.
Allan Daniel Clark
Timothy Joseph Connors
Marshall Edward Cox, Jr.
Robert Francis Daly
Herman Watson Davis
John Valentine Delladonna
Warren Dillon
Gordon Kraft Draga
Loris Henry Duncan
Emory Webster Dunton, Sr.
Leonard Oscar Echols
George Vyell Edwards
Robert Lesslie Emmingham
Eugene Raymond Fausset
Kenneth Ferdinand Feiss
Eugene James Forsythe
John Gerald Fowler
Nick Funk
Emery Andrew Galley, Jr.
Dee Edward Gambrell, Jr.
Eleazar Garza
Bernard Joseph Geraghty, Jr.
Howard Marshal Gilfillan
John Vincennes Graf
George Patrick Graham
William Penn Grandy
Ralph Lewis Hafter
Charles Edwin Hall
Ralph Walter Haserodt
Winslow Carlton Haskins
Jack Edwin Haynes
Ray Holland
Robert Darlington Hoopes, Jr.
Fred Alfred Hrynko
Robert Laurin Janes
Robert Eugene Johnson
Stephan John Johnson
John Robert Kelly
Vernon Kirk
William Edward Kohler
Richard Brissett Kremer
Roy Earl Kroll, Jr.
Hollis Oyer Lauderdale
Douglas Cleveland Lindsay
Gerald Augusta Looney
Russell LoPresti
John Joseph Madden, Jr.
Paul Marvin
James Mosco Mayfield
Morris Franklin McCaffrey
William Thomas Meacham, Jr.
Keats Edmund Montross
Kenneth Eugene Pence
Fremont Petty
Gordon Ralph Plourd
Claude Lee Pollard
Earl W. Preston, Jr.
John Briscoe Pye
Harry Newman Robinson, Jr.
William Eugene Russell
Karl DeWitt Schwendener
William Siskaninetz
James Adam Skeldon
Clifford Francis Slater
Mike Soffes
Frank Herbert Spencer, Jr.
Wallace Greeley Statton
Harold Albert Stone
Fred A. Tarbox
James Frank Taylor
Elwood Kenneth Van Horn
Arnold John Wagner
Thurman August Williams
Joseph Edwin Wren