The SS-195 Sealion submarine was in Cavite Navy Yard being overhauled at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack. With the work still incomplete three days later, she fell victim to a pair of Japanese bombs. One destroyed the after part of the connng tower, while the second penetrated the after engine room. Four men working in the engine room were killed.

With the continued heavy Japanese bombing activity making repairs impossible, it was decided to strip any useful equipment from Sealion and then destroy her to prevent capture. Three depth charges were placed in the stripped hulk and she was blown up on 25 December 1941. The wreck was still there at the time the Philippines were liberated.

Sealion’s commander, LCDR Richard G. Voge, escaped from the Philippines before they fell to the Japanese and went on to command Sailfish (SS-192, ex. Squalus) on four war patrols, as well as serving as operations officer at Pearl Harbor.

The commissioning crew of the SS-195 Sealion 

These individuals were “plankholders” (members of the original crew) of Sealion. Officers are listed in order of seniority; enlisted personnel are listed alphabetically.

Morrison, J.K., Jr., LT, USN, Commanding Officer
Moore, J.R., LT, USN, Executive Officer
Raborn, A., LT(JG), USN
Reich, E.T., LT(JG), USN
Thompson, W.C., LT(JG), USN

Albren, Clifford O., F1C
Armenia, Peter S., EM3C
Bordonaro, Philip, RM2C
Brigman, Travis B., SC3C
Brown, James D., S1C
Caldwell, William T., Jr., S1C
Childers, Russell H., EM1C
Cowan, Alva R., PhM1C
Day, Loyal E., Y1C
Dean, Leslie N, F1C
Dicks, Tribble J., TM1C
Draper, Feign D., F1C
Ellis, Alfred, FC1C
Firth, Howard, MM2C
Foster, Sterling C., EM1C
Gerdes, Richard W., CTM(PA)
Gullickson, Oscar T., EM1C
Hantsche, Edgar M, MM1C
Hemingway, Erastus B., TM1C
Howell, Thomas L., MM2C
Hurst, Joseph, CEM(AA)
Jenes, Euin M., EM2C
Jenkins, Myron L., MM1C
Jester, Halbert M., S1C
Johnson, Clarence H., SM2C
Jones, Henry B., F2C
Joyce, John W., TM3C
Klidzia, Joseph J., MM2C
Lewellin, Clyde R., QM1C
Littell, Edward O., MM1C
Loxley, Raymond W., SC2C
Mallory, Robert V., TM3C
Mallough, Kenneth G., F1C
Montierde, Filemon, MAtt1C
Murphy, Edward W., MM1C
O’Connell, Melvin D., EM1C
Ogilve, Ernest E., MM2C
Platt, John F., MM2C
Pollard, Claude L., MM2C
Richardson, Louis M., TM1C
Riley, Jim H., RM1C
Rogers, William J., CMM(PA)
Schrader, Edgar L., TM2C
Shaw, Alvin, F1C
Shelton, Henry W., MM1C
Smith, Carl D., EM2C
Swain, Hannis C., MM1C
Tutt, Wilson F., GM1C
Utz, James Lewis, S1C
Way, Raymond G., SM2C
Wroble, Fred, MM1C