History for the SS-196, U.S.S. Searaven

Launched:Builder:Sponsor:Commissioned:First Captain:Stricken/Lost:
1939Target 1948
No:Captain:From:Date:Duration:Score (WT):JANACReturn:
1Theodore C. AylwardManila12/41410/00/0Darwin
2Theodore C. AylwardDarwin1/42431/1,5000/0Fremantle
3Hiram CassedyFremantle4/42230/00/0Fremantle
4Hiram CassedyFremantle6/42400/00/0Fremantle
5Hiram CassedyFremantle9/42582/21,9000/0Fremantle
6Hiram CassedyFremantle12/42551/5,9001/5,700Pearl Harbor
7Hiram CassedyPearl Harbor6/43430/00/0Pearl Harbor
8Hiram CassedyPearl Harbor8/43470/00/0Pearl Harbor
9Melvin H. DryPearl Harbor11/43491/10,0001/10,000Pearl Harbor
10Melvin H. DryPearl Harbor1/44470/00/0Pearl Harbor
11Melvin H. DryPearl Harbor3/44452/6,5000/0Pearl Harbor
12Melvin H. DryPearl Harbor8/44521/5,1001/4,700Pearl Harbor
13Raymond BerthrongPearl Harbor11/44522-½/25,8000/0Pearl Harbor

During her first two war patrols in December of 1941 and the spring of  1942, the SS-196 Searaven ran supplies to the American and Filippino troops trapped on Corregidor Island and the Bataan Peninsula.   On February 3rd, 1942, the SS-196 torpedoed and sank a Japanese destroyer and claimed her first victim of the war.  Between April 2 – April 25, 1942, the Searaven conducted a third patrol around Timor Island and during that time, she rescued 33 Royal Australian  Air Force men.