History for the SS-197, U.S.S. Seawolf

No:Captain:From:Date:Duration:Score (WT):JANACReturn:
1Frederick B. WarderManila12/41180/00/0Manila
2Frederick B. WarderManila12/41100/00/0Darwin
3Frederick B. WarderDarwin1/42220/00/0Australia
4Frederick B. WarderJava2/42513/14,0000/0Fremantle
5Frederick B. WarderFremantle5/42510/01/1,200Fremantle
6Frederick B. WarderFremantle7/42522/8,1002/4,462Fremantle
7Frederick B. WarderFremantle10/42553/16,8003/13,000Pearl Harbor
8Royce L. GrossPearl Harbor4/43303/13,1002/5,300Pearl Harbor
9Royce L. GrossPearl Harbor5/43561/4,3001/4,700Pearl Harbor
10Royce L. GrossPearl Harbor8/43322/15,3003/13,000Pearl Harbor
11Royce L. GrossPearl Harbor10/43532/14,0002/6,399Pearl Harbor
12Royce L. GrossPearl Harbor12/43364/24,0004-½/25,793Pearl Harbor
13Richard B. LynchPearl Harbor6/44320/00/0Pearl Harbor
14Albert M. BontierFremantle8/44240/00/0Brisbane
15Albert M. BontierBrisbane9/440/00/0Lost 10/44


The SS-197, USS Seawolf sank 27 and damaged 13 enemy ships.   The Seawolf received the Navy Unit Commendation after sinking an enemy transport and damaging three light cruisers, two transports and a freighter for her 4th patrol.

November 3, 1942 (7th patrol) she sank the Japanese freighter-transport Sagami Maru in the Davao Gulf, sank two freighter-transports and damaged a freighter. On her 8th patrol in the Bonins-Formosa area, the SS-197 sank a large freighter, tanker, and two sampans.

On 3 October 1944, it is believed the Seawolf was sank, possibly from friendly fire.