February 9, 1942 marked the SS-202 USS Trout sinking a Japanese auxilary gunboat in the waters northeast of Taiwan.  The USS Trout sank several other vessels (five in total) in 1942.  In 1944, she was reported missing and presumed to be sunk while paroling the Philippine Islands.

History for the SS-202, U.S.S. Trout


No:Captain:From:Date:Duration:Score (WT):JANACReturn:
1Frank W. FennoMidway12/41220/00/0Pearl Harbor
2Frank W. FennoPearl Harbor1/42501/5,2001/2,719Pearl Harbor
3Frank W. FennoPearl Harbor3/42545/31,0002/7,133Pearl Harbor
4Frank W. FennoPearl Harbor5/42260/00/0Pearl Harbor
5Lawson P. RamagePearl Harbor8/42471/8,2001/900Brisbane
6Lawson P. RamageBrisbane10/42280/00/0Brisbane
7Lawson P. RamageFremantle12/42582/10,8002/4,900Fremantle
8Lawson P. RamageFremantle3/43420/00/0Fremantle
9Albert H. ClarkFremantle5/43593/17,2002/5,800Fremantle
10Albert H. ClarkFremantle8/43543/15,0003/12,542Pearl Harbor
11Albert H. ClarkPearl Harbor2/441/9,2001/7,100Lost 2/29/44