History for the SS-203, U.S.S. Tuna


No:Captain:From:Date:Duration:Score (WT):JANACReturn:
1John L. DeTarPearl Harbor1/42541/6,0001/4,000Pearl Harbor
2John L. DeTarPearl Harbor4/42601/8,0001/800Pearl Harbor
3Arnold H. HoltzPearl Harbor7/42420/00/0Pearl Harbor
4Arnold H. HoltzPearl Harbor11/42480/00/0Brisbane
5Arnold H. HoltzBrisbane1/43310/00/0Brisbane
6Arnold H. HoltzBrisbane3/43471/8,5001/5,000Brisbane
7Arnold H. HoltzBrisbane4/43470/00/0Brisbane
8Arnold H. HoltzFremantle8/43540/00/0Fremantle
9James T. HardinFremantle11/43560/01/5,484Pearl Harbor
10James T. HardinPearl Harbor4/44560/00/0Pearl Harbor
11James T. HardinPearl Harbor7/44510/00/0Pearl Harbor
12Edward F. Steffanides, Jr.Pearl Harbor10/44520/00/0Brisbane
13Edward F. Steffanides, Jr.Brisbane1/45640/00/0Brisbane


The SS-203 Tuna submarine saw little action in WW2 with one confirmed sinking for a Japanese transport off of Korea.