The SS-207 Grampus submarine patrolled in the Caribbean Sea between September 8 – 28, 1941.  The Grampus has her first and only kill which was a Japanese 8,636-ton tanker. On February, 11 1943, Grampus set off from Brisbane and is presumed sunk by Japanese destroyers.

History for the SS-207, U.S.S. Grampus

Launched:Builder:Sponsor:Commissioned:First Captain:Stricken/Lost:
1941Lost 3/43
No:Captain:From:Date:Duration:Score (WT):JANACReturn:
1Edward S. HutchinsonPearl Harbor2/42482/20,0001/8,636Pearl Harbor
2Edward S. HutchinsonPearl Harbor4/42510/00/0Fremantle
3Edward S. HutchinsonFremantle7/42540/00/0Fremantle
4John R. CraigBrisbane10/42581/1,4000/0Brisbane
5John R. CraigBrisbane11/42373/24,0000/0Brisbane
6John R. CraigBrisbane2/430/00/0Lost 3/43


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