The SS-211 Gudgeon submarine detected a Japanese sub on January 27, 1942 and fired torpedos.  While it is not reported whether the torpedoes struck their ship, the sub would never be seen again.  April 18, 1944 was the last the Gudgeon was reported and presumed lost off of the Maug Islands.

History for the SS-211, U.S.S. Gudgeon

Launched:Builder:Sponsor:Commissioned:First Captain:Stricken/Lost:
1941Lost 4/44
No:Captain:From:Date:Duration:Score (WT):JANACReturn:
1Elton W. GrenfellPearl Harbor12/41502/6,5001/1,800Pearl Harbor
2Elton W. GrenfellPearl Harbor2/42522/15,0002/8,000Pearl Harbor
3Hyland B. LyonPearl Harbor5/42200/00/0Pearl Harbor
4William B. Stovall, Jr.Pearl Harbor7/42534/35,0001/4,900Fremantle
5William S. Stovall, Jr.Brisbane10/42543/22,0001/6,783Brisbane
6William S. Stovall, Jr.Brisbane11/42530/00/0Fremantle
7William S. Post, Jr.Fremantle3/43244/29,0002/15,000Fremantle
8William S. Post, Jr.Fremantle4/43413/19,6002/23,000Pearl Harbor
9William S. Post, Jr.Pearl Harbor9/43372/15,0001/3,158Pearl Harbor
10William S. Post, Jr.Pearl Harbor10/43413/13,7002/7,644Pearl Harbor
11William S. Post, Jr.Pearl Harbor1/44491/10,1000/0Pearl Harbor
12Robert A. BoninPearl Harbor4/440/00/0Lost 4(?)/44


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