On May 4, 1942 the Greenling sank the Japanese armed merchant cruiser Kinjosan Maru and just over one month later on the 5th of August, she sank Japanese troopship Brasil Maru and freighter Palau Maru 450 miles southwest of Guam, Mariana Islands.

History for the SS-213, U.S.S. Greenling


No:Captain:From:Date:Duration:Score (WT):JANACReturn:
1Henry C. BrutonPearl Harbor4/42571/5,8001/3,300Pearl Harbor
2Henry C. BrutonPearl Harbor7/42532/24,0002/17,250Pearl Harbor
3Henry C. BrutonPearl Harbor9/42414/32,1004/20,400Pearl Harbor
4Henry C. BrutonPearl Harbor12/42524/20,7004/14,000Brisbane
5James D. GrantBrisbane2/43640/00/0Brisbane
6James D. GrantBrisbane4/43521/5,4000/0Brisbane
7James D. GrantBrisbane7/43510/00/0Pearl Harbor
8James D. GrantPearl Harbor14/43391/1,9001/2,000Pearl Harbor
9James D. GrantPearl Harbor3/44530/00/0Pear Harbor
10John D. GerwickPearl Harbor7/44630/00/0Pearl Harbor
11John D. GerwickPearl Harbor10/44483/9,0003/2,695Pearl Harbor
12John D. GerwickPearl Harbor12/44450/00/0Pearl Harbor


USS Greenling Memorabilia: