The SS-215, U.S.S. Growler was the fourth submarine in the Navy designed and built to launch strategic deterrent cruise missiles armed with a nuclear warhead.  She was commissioned at Portsmouth on August 30, 1958. After shakedown, the SS-215 trained in the Caribbean. On March 12,1960 she began her her first Nuclear Deterrent Patrol, carrying Regulus missiles armed with nuclear warheads.

History for the SS-215 U.S.S Growler

No:Captain:From:Date:Duration:Score (WT):JANACReturn:
MidwayHoward W. GilmorePearl Harbor5/42150/00/0Pearl Harbor
1Howard W. GilmorePearl Harbor6/42272/3,4001/1,500Pearl Harbor
2Howard W. GilmorePearl Harbor8/42494/26,0004/15,000Pearl Harbor
3Howard W. GilmorePearl Harbor10/42490/00/0Brisbane
4Howard W. GilmoreBrisbane1/43482/7,9001/5,900Brisbane
5Arnold F. SchadeBrisbane4/43481/4,5001/5,200Brisbane
6Arnold F. SchadeBrisbane7/43530/00/0Brisbane
7Arnold F. SchadeBrisbane10/43350/00/0Pearl Harbor
8Arnold F. SchadePearl Harbor2/44550/00/0Pearl Harbor
9Thomas B. Oakley, Jr.Pearl Harbor5/44641/10,0001/2,000Pearl Harbor
10Thomas B. Oakley, Jr.Pearl Harbor8/44455/22,8002/2,800Fremantle
11Thomas B. Oakley, Jr.Fremantle10/440/00/0Lost 11/44


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