The SS-218 Albacore was the submarine recorded with torpedo hits on the Taiho during the Battle of the Philippine Sea which led to the eventual sinking of the ship. On October 24, 1944 the Albacore was reported missing at sea and assumed sinking off Hokkaido on Nov 7, 1944 by a naval mine.

History for the SS-218, AGSS-569 U.S.S. Albacore


No:Captain:From:Date:Duration:Score (WT):JANACReturn:
1Richard C. LakePearl Harbor8/42530/00/0Pearl Harbor
2Richard C. LakePearl Harbor11/42492/9,2001/3,300Brisbane
3Richard C. LakeBrisbane1/43501/1,3002/2,500Brisbane
4Richard C. LakeBrisbane4/43500/00/0Brisbane
5Oscar E. HagbergBrisbane6/43450/00/0Brisbane
6Oscar E. HagbergBrisbane8/43261/4,2001/2,600Brisbane
7Oscar E. HagbergBrisbane10/43541/9,0001/4,700Brisbane
8James W. BlanchardBrisbane12/43596/6,8002/4,500Pearl Harbor
9James W. BlanchardPearl Harbor5/44482/30,8002/32,000Pearl Harbor
10James W. BlanchardPearl Harbor8/44493/11,0002/1,050Pearl Harbor
11Hugh R. RimmerPearl Harbor10/440/00/0Lost 11/44


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