The SS-236 USS Silversides was commissioned into the U.S. Navy just 8 days after the attack on Pearl Harbor. During World War II, she patrolled along Japan’s coasts, in the East China Sea, and through key enemy shipping routes in the south Pacific to stop the delivery of raw materials and supplies from reaching Japan.

Silversides completed 14 war patrols and sank 23 ships, the third highest total of enemy ships sunk by a U.S. submarine during the war.

History for the SS-236, U.S.S. Silversides

No:Captain:From:Date:Duration:Score (WT):JANACReturn:
1Creed C. BurlingamePearl Harbor4/42524/25,8001/4,000Pearl Harbor
2Creed C. BurlingamePearl Harbor7/42563/15,0002/9,800Pearl Harbor
3Creed C. BurlingamePearl Harbor10/42542/10,8000/0Brisbane
4Creed C. BurlingameBrisbane12/42461/10,0004/27,798Pearl Harbor
5Creed C. BurlingamePearl Harbor5/43441/10,0001/5,200Brisbane
6John S. CoyeBrisbane7/43530/00/0Brisbane
7John S. CoyeBrisbane10/43364/22,1004/15,000Pearl Harbor
8John S. CoyePearl Harbor12/43423/18,5003/7,192Pearl Harbor
9John S. CoyePearl Harbor2/44522/7,5001/1,900Fremantle
10John S. CoyeFremantle4/44475/23,6006/14,141Pearl Harbor
11John S. CoyePearl Harbor9/44600/00/0Pearl Harbor
12John C. NicholsPearl Harbor12/44500/00/0Pearl Harbor
13John C. NicholsPearl Harbor3/45501/2,0000/0Pearl Harbor
14John C. NicholsPearl Harbor5/45590/00/0Pearl Harbor


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