The SS-239 USS Whale submarine was commissioned in 1942 and by the end of the year had sank or damaged several Japanese fighters during her first war patrol. She had a total of 11 war patrols sinking 57,716 tons of Japanese shipping.

USS Whale Early US Submarine Art Print, Size 24 x 18 inches


History for the SS-239, U.S.S. Whale

No:Captain:From:Date:Duration:Score (WT):JANACReturn:
1John B. AzerPearl Harbor10/42321/9,4000/0Pearl Harbor
2John B. AzerPearl Harbor1/43302/19,3003/19,000Pearl Harbor
3Albert C. BurrowsPearl Harbor2/43424/43,5001/6,500Pearl Harbor
4Albert C. BurrowsPearl Harbor5/43472/13,0001/3,500Pearl Harbor
5Albert C. BurrowsPearl Harbor7/43461/10,0001/7,149Pearl Harbor
6Albert C. BurrowsPearl Harbor12/43442/14,0001-½/8,322Pearl Harbor
7James B. GradyPearl Harbor3/44571/5,0001/5,400Pearl Harbor
8James B. GradyPearl Harbor5/44500/00/0Pearl Harbor
9James B. GradyPearl Harbor8/44681/10,0001/10,200Pearl Harbor
10James B. GradyPearl Harbor11/44540/00/0Pearl Harbor
11Freeland H. Carde, Jr.Pearl Harbor6/45680/00/0Pearl Harbor


USS Whale Memorabilia: