The SS-243 Bream began preparations for her first patrol by sailing  towards the Admiralty Islands, reaching Seeadler Harbor on May 29, 1944. On June 8 she spotted a convoy, selected a transport as target and fired a six-torpedo spread.

History for the SS-243, U.S.S. Bream

No:Captain:From:Date:Duration:Score (WT):JANACReturn:
1Wreford G. ChappleBrisbane6/44290/01/5,700Brisbane
2Wreford G. ChappleBrisbane7/44480/00/0Brisbane
3Wreford G. ChappleFremantle10/44505/5,0001/3/2,270Fremantle
4James L. McCallumFremantle12/44520/00/0Fremantle
5James L. McCallumFremantle3/45161/2,6000/0Fremantle
6James L. McCallumFremantle5/45541/10,0001/1,230Pearl Harbor


USS Bream Memorabilia: