The SS-245 USS Cobia launched on November 28, 1943. In June 1944 and began the first of six war patrols in which she sank thirteen Japanese vessels for a total of 20,000 tons of enemy shipping. By July 1944, Cobia had established herself in the annals of World War II sub history by attacking an enemy convoy bound for Japanese-held Iwo Jima.

History for the SS-245, U.S.S. Cobia

No:Captain:From:Date:Duration:Score (WT):JANACReturn:
1Albert L. BeckerPearl Harbor6/44495/24,3003/11,455Pearl Harbor
2Albert L. BeckerPearl Harbor9/44570/00/0Fremantle
3Albert L. BeckerPearl Harbor12/44541/7001/720Fremantle
4Albert L. BeckerFremantle2/45510/00/0Fremantle
5Albert L. BeckerFremantle4/45402/15,1002/4,675Fremantle
6Frederick N. RussellFremantle7/45340/00/0Fremantle


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