The SS-257 Harder submarine was commissioned December 1942, completing six of war patrols, sinking several Japanese destroyers in addition to a number of merchant ships. Her most successful war patrol was her fifth, during which she sank or heavily damaged four destroyers. On August 24, 1944 while attacking two Japanese destroyers off the Philippine Islands, Harder was hit and sunk by depth charges.

History for the SS-257, U.S.S. Harder

No:Captain:From:Date:Duration:Score (WT):JANACReturn:
1Samuel D. DealeyPearl Harbor6/43333/15,4001/7,000Pearl Harbor
2Samuel D. DealeyPearl Harbor8/43464/25,3005/15,272Pearl Harbor
3Samuel D. DealeyPearl Harbor10/43315/24,8003/15,273Pearl Harbor
4Samuel D. DealeyPearl Harbor3/44472/5,3002/9,000Fremantle
5Samuel D. DealeyFremantle5/44455/8,5003/6,500Fremantle
6Samuel D. DealeyFremantle8/441-½/3,2002/1,760Lost 8/23/44


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