(Note: Service Numbers and next-of-kin were included in the original list, but have been deleted from this copy.)

Care of Fleet Post Office
San Francisco, California

24 April 1945

From:      The Commanding Officer.
To:        The Chief of Naval Personnel.
All Administrations Concerned

Subject:   Sailing List.

1.    The following named officers and men were on board this vessel which sailed this date:

Lieutenant Commander Louis Calott FARLEY, Jr., USNR
Lieutenant Commander Severance GAVITT, USNR
Lieutenant John Thomas BRINKLEY, USNR
Lieutenant Harry Joseph FITZGERALD, USNR
Lieutenant(jg) Allen Joseph GARON, USNR
Lieutenant(jg) Ray Arden SPENSER,USNR
Lieutenant(jg) Francis Joseph Gregory KELLY, Jr., USN
Ensign William Martin GRANFIELD, USNR
Ensign Willam M. HARDY, USNR
ABELE, Leo Bernard, F1c, USNR, V-6
ABEYTA, Marcos (n), EM3c(T), USNR, V-6
ARPIN, Tampa Edward, TM3c, USNR, V-6
ANDERSON, Carl Albert, F1c, USNR, V-6
BACKIEL, Stanley Albert, F1c(EM), USNR, V-6
BARTEK, George Alfred, CRM(AA)(T), USN
BENDER, Joseph (n), Jr., Y1c, USNR, V-3
BERTHELOT, Forrest Paul, CEM(AA)(T), USN
BLANCHARD, Roland (n), CMoMM(AA)(T), USN
BOESE, Ralph Warren, EM2c, USN
BRATTON, Walter Henry, Jr., S1c, USN
BRENNAN, Martin John, QM2c, USN
BURCHARD, Robert Edward, CTM(AA)(T), USN
CALABRESE, Richard Alfred, MoMM1c(T), USNR, V-6
CASSIDY, James Henry, MoMM2c(T), USNR, V-6
CHAMNESS, Wayne Allen, CPhM(AA)(T), USNR, V-6
COREY, Joseph Samuel, F1c, USNR, V-6
CRITES, Charles Lee, S1c, USNR, V-6
DENNISON, Albert Edward, Bkr1c, USN
DORRY, Jerome Thomas, SM2c(T), USN
EDWARDS, Glen Howard, MoMM2c, USN
ERATO, Michael Francis, MoMM3c(T), USNR, V-6
FRANK, George Louis, GM1c, USN
FROLICH, Albert John, MoMM2c(T), USN
FRIEDLANDER, George Hamilton, MoMM1c, USNR, V-6
GUNDRUM, Richard Goss, GM2c, USNR, V-6
GUYMON, Warren Ralph, RM3c(T), USNR, V-6
HEIDLER, George Albert, EM2c, USN
HIMES, Albert Franklin, Jr., SC2c(T), USNR, V-6
HOYT, R.S., EM3c(T), USNR, V-6
IVY, James Walter, EM3c, USNR, V-6
JONES, Guss William, S1c, USN
KEALY, Thomas Francis, Jr., EM3c(T), USNR, V-6
KELLY, Thomas Vincent, FC3c, USNR, V-6
LADNER, Irvy Willie, MoMM3c, USNR, V-6
LAMBERT, Robert Henry, MoMM3c, USNR, V-6
LANDEROS, Albert Herman, StM2c, USNR, V-6
LEONARD, James Frederick, Y3c(T), USNR, V-6
LUCAS, Emmett (n), TM1c, USN
MAGRETTI, Joseph Dante, MoMM3c, USN
MASCHMANN, Louis Ray, TM2c(T), USNR, V-6
MAYES, Kenneth Arnold, RT2c, USNR, V-6
McCLEERY, Harry James, EM2c(T), USN
McDONALD, Robert Emmett, RT1c, USNR, V-6
McLAUGHLIN, Stewart (n), EM3c, USNR, V-6
MEREDITH, Norbert Petrea, TM1c, USNR, V-6
MILISICH, Sergeius Harding, TM2c(T), USNR, V-6
MILLS, Robert Orville, MoMM1c(T), USNR, V-6
MONIZ, Charles Joseph, MoMM3c, USNR, V-6
MORRIS, William Grady, Jr., S1c, USN
MORRIS, James Edward, TM3c, USNR, V-6
NICHOLS, Kenneth “W”, SC1c, USN
OLIVER, Robert Vidal, QM1c(T), USNR, V-6*
OLSEN, Norman Androus, EM1c, USNR, V-6
OLSON, Raymond Clifford, MoMM1c, USN
PERKINS, Wayne “B”, EM2c(T), USNR, V-6
PHILLIPS, Seymour Gerald, EM3c(T), USNR,V-6
RICKSON, Raymond Richard, RT2c, USNR, V-6
ROBINSON, Jerome Clark, StM1c, USNR, V-6
SAUERBREY, Paul Richard, Jr., MoMM2c(T), USNR, V-6
SCHUNEMAN, Robert Bertrum, RM2c(T), USNR, V-6
SCIOTTO, Arthur (n), S1c, USN
SHEFFIELD, Alston David, MoMM1c(T), USN
SISSIAN, Charles Michael, TM3c, USNR, V-6
SPENCER, Delbert Albert, SC3c(T), USNR, V-6
STARNES, Luther Lee, Jr., EM2c(T), USNR, V-6
STEWART, Robert (n), S1c, USN
TURNER, John William, Jr., S1c, USN
WHITCOMB, Leslie Paul, TM3c, USNR, V-6
YOUNG, James Kenneth, CMoMM(AA), USNR, V-6