Launched at Puget Sound Navy Yard on 24 May 1918, and commissioned on 19 October, SS-63 U.S.S. O-2 spent the rest of World War I patrolling off the New England coast. (Presumably a very short patrol, considering there were only three and a half weeks left in the war, and the need to get from Bremerton, WA to New England.)

Except for a 1924 tour at Coco Solo, in the Panama Canal Zone, O-2 was mainly engaged in training duties at New London during the 1920’s. She was laid up at Philadelphia 25 June 1931.

Recommissioned 3 February 1941, O-2 returned to New London in June, serving on training duty at the Submarine School until after VE Day. She was decommissioned on 26 July 1945, stricken on 11 August, and sold for scrap in November 1945.


Launched: 5/24/1918

Builder: Puget Sound Navy Yard

Commissioned: 10/19/18

First Captain: LCDR F.T. Chew

Stricken/Lost: 11/16/45


SS-63 Submarine Photos