O-4 was launched at the Fore River Shipbuilding Company, Quincy, MA, on 20 October 1917, and commissioned on 29 May 1918, under the command of then Lieutenant Robert H. English. She operated out of Philadelphia during World War I, patrolling the Atlantic coast.

On 28 July 1918, O-4 suffered minor damage after after being shelled by a British steamer, which had mistaken her for a German submarine. She was a part of the contingent sent to Europe in November 1918, but the war ended before they arrived.

After the war, O-4 joined her sisters as a training boat at New London, where she remained—with the exception of a brief tour in the Canal Zone—until she was decommissioned in 1931.

Brought back into commission on 29 January 1941, she again served as a training boat at New London. Her first commander would become COMSUBPAC in 1942.

Decommissioned 20 September 1945, O-4 was sticken on 11 October and scrapped in February 1946.


Launched: 10/20/2017

Builder: Fore River

Commissioned: 5/29/18

First Captain: LT R.H. English

Stricken/Lost: 2/1/46


SS-65 Submarine Photos